Tick Danger Zones: Where Do Ticks Hide?

It is tummy time and that means that ticks are out in full swing. Many people want to protect themselves against ticks and the risks they cause. It is true that ticks carry Lyme disease which they can transmit to a human. It’s also true that they enjoy hiding in some places more than others.

Where do Ticks Hide?

Ticks can be found almost anywhere outside. They’re more common where brush is thicker and in wooded areas. There are two stages of tick development, which affect the areas they hide. During the ambush stage, they are higher up and use their two front legs to jump to a host. The second is the hunter stage where they usually prefer an animal. Once they attach to a host, they prefer warm and moist areas of the body. Most common areas of the body to find a tick include:

·    In the belly button

·    In and near hair

·    Near ears

·    Around the waist

·    Under the armpits

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·    Between the legs

Keep in mind that a tick can be found anywhere on the body. However, pay close attention to the areas listed above since these are known areas that ticks prefer. Most people do not feel ticks, at least for some time after they’ve attached themselves to the skin. That is why it is important to take precautions when outside and to protect your home against the dangerous.

How to Keep Ticks Off Your Property

Ticks can be a burden during the summer but there are steps you can take to keep them away from your home and out of your hair. Call a professional to schedule tick control cary for the absolute best solution and protection against ticks. You can enjoy summer without the fear of ticks causing health problems!

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